A very busy week or two finished

It has been a while since I brought you up to speed on the upgrades/repairs/cleaning and maintenance on Defiant 08. The list goes like this:

1)water tanks had to be sanitized for potable water, and for anyone who does this on an RV knows how how much water has to be used and we have 115 gallons.  The process has taken 3 weeks to complete and the water now smells and tastes good.

2) The ongoing canvas project, a lot of sewing but should be done today, the trail fit worked really well.

 3)For our own sanity we are replacing both heads. The stern head will just be a regular pump and flush, it is installed and works great. The master head is getting a household size, extra quite, one flush push button electric marine toilet. Hopefully installed and tested soon. The head project has also involved replacing “Y” valves and flushing hoses, that was the smelly part of the job.

4) I also did some electrical work moving lights around for better galley lighting.

 5) And finally did some leak repair on the freshwater.

Everything else goes well and planning for the trip to ensenada continues. We are currently trying to Register our boat in Canada, this is a good thing and will make the boat Canadian, then we can fly a Canadian flag. The only problem is that we will have to change the name of the boat slightly. The new front runner is Defiant 08, The same name plus the year we bought Defiant. The paper work has been started with Victoria and we should know before we leave for Mexico.

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