Arrival after 48 hrs at sea

Well we made it to the other side, for us this is a nice bay called Ensenada de los Muertos, look it up, I don’t name the bays. We had to lay to for a couple of hours as not to arrive in the dark, we did arrive at almost first light and set to anchoring, cleaning eating a hot meal and a big drink then to bed. The crossing was uneventful some sailing mostly motorsail. Defiant08 did a great job, a few problems, all overcome. We were quite tired after the crossing it took 48hrs with 3 hrs shifts. When we got up and had another meal and we decided to stay for a couple of days, which in the end was the wrong decision, it was nice weather and good swimming in the bay. After 3 days we continued on to our next stop.

23 59.215n

109 49.620w

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