Still on the road…but almost there!

We are currently in King City, CA which is a little less than 4 hours away from the boat! We will be there tomorrow – yay!

As soon as we got through the Mount Shasta area, the temperature went up and we had to take off our fleeces. It is quite warm and sunny! 🙂 […]

On the road again…

We are currently in Yreka, CA so we made it over the border!! YAY!! We dealt with a very nice border guard this time so it was a much better experience than the last time we tried to cross into the States. I don’t think I should say what I thought of the first guard […]

Now in San Diego, CA

Hi everyone,

We are now in San Diego, Ca, well actually we are in Chula Vista, a suburb of San Diego. The drive from Ventura took about an hour and a half longer than it should have due to the weather and a broken down truck on the 1-5 in downtown LA.

The rain […]

Now in Ventura, CA

As of this afternoon, we are now in Ventura, CA. Santa Barbara was a very nice place and we really enjoyed it but it was a little too much of a party town at the motel. (A little like Whistler actually.) We didn’t get much sleep at the motel so we decided to move. We […]

Oceanside in Santa Barbara, CA

We are now in Santa Barbara, CA. We took the long way via Sunset Blvd. (Historic Route 66 – see picture) and Highway 1 after LA. We drove right through Malibu! Malibu was very nice and I think probably an excellent place to live if you could afford a house/condo on the beach. I will […]

Pool side in Palm Springs, CA

Hi everyone,

We are now in Palm Springs, CA. The Motel 6 is room is good – no funky smells and the carpet looks safe enough to walk on in bare feet. What can I tell you – I’m a little anal about carpets…

We will be staying here tomorrow night as well. Mike and […]

Sitting in Phoenix, AZ

Hi everyone,

We are now in a Motel 6 in Phoenix, CA. It was a short drive today from Yuma. We will be heading back to California tomorrow to stay in Palm Springs for a day or two. Yuma just wasn’t for us and I don’t think Phoenix is either. We need the ocean! We […]

Still travelling

We are now in Yuma, AZ. It was a 4 1/2 hour drive from Santa Ana, CA. It was a hot drive and quite boring for most of it. We did see quite a few border patrols, especially along the fence separating the US and Mexico. The sand dunes along the highway were kind of […]

Still sunny and warm

Hi everyone,

We changed our minds about going to Riverside or Bakersfield. We are now in Santa Ana, CA and will be staying here tomorrow as well. Guess what Mom – we are just down from the John Wayne Airport! We might swing by the airport so I can get that picture of the John […]

It’s sunny and warm where we are, how about you?? :)

Okay, it’s not sunny and warm right now – it is 6:55pm right now after all.

We are now in Watsonville, CA, just outside of Santa Cruz. I think we are headed to Riverside, CA or Bakersfield, CA tomorrow…

The drive today seemed a little long but it was only about 6 hours. I […]