On the road again…

We are currently in Yreka, CA so we made it over the border!! YAY!! We dealt with a very nice border guard this time so it was a much better experience than the last time we tried to cross into the States.  I don’t think I should say what I thought of the first guard that turned us away because this is the world wide web and I don’t want that held against us, so let me just say this crossing was a much better experience! (Even though we still had to wait for an hour…) 😉   This guard was very helpful as well!

Tonight we ate at the Puerto Vallarta again – the same place we ate at the last time we stayed in Yreka (Nov. 9/08).  Almost a year ago – the same people still work there! Mike also had the tequila popper again (I didn’t because I was working on my second marg) – if you are ever in Yreka, you have to try this place!   

We probably won’t make it to Ventura tomorrow but we should be awfully close to it! YAY!  We will definitely be there by Friday.

🙂 🙂 🙂

I will post again tomorrow to let you know our progress.

Love to everyone,

Diana & Mike

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