La Paz

After all our small adventures we made it to the anchorage Pichelinque. We have now been here for about six weeks. COVID-19 Hits


Marathon day in Mazatlan

Big day for the runners of Mazatlan, but it goes past the marina so no busses for a while,but some entertaining joggers. Some miscellaneous pictures for your pleasure.

New dock box

Thanks to Glenn and Val for letting me use the wood shop to build our dock box, it turned out great and is very useful. Thanks again to the Glenn and family for the use of the wood shop


Work, work, and more work

All is going well, Defiant08 still looks good and hopefully this week we will get the parts that broke during startup of Defiant08. Things need to be used regularly and we have not been regular. Oh well I guess it’s all part of the game.

A Map of our travels

Here are all of the locations we have talked about since we started our voyages.

View Our Travels on Defiant 08 on a larger map

Pictures from our trip La Cruz to Mazatlan


Quick tour of La Cruz

A quick visual tour of the marina and local beach.


Pictures from Mazatlan


Still alive and well in case you were wondering…

Mike and I have been REALLY, REALLY bad about posting to the site and keeping everyone updated. I guess it is because we really haven’t been up to much… There was the Baja 500 race a couple of months ago and a mushroom festival that we went to a couple of months ago as well. […]

News, races and other stuff

Mike has now been on his own in the boat since April 14th. My doctors appointment went very well and I am just waiting for the next one on Monday before heading back to Mike.

There was the Newport to Ensenada race last weekend that I missed but it sounded very exciting. Mike will post […]