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Mike has now been on his own in the boat since April 14th. My doctors appointment went very well and I am just waiting for the next one on Monday before heading back to Mike.

There was the Newport to Ensenada race last weekend that I missed but it sounded very exciting.  Mike will post pictures later.  Here is the link to the race site:  Mike said he had a good time helping all the boats dock and most offered a beer/booze as a tip.  He did accept a few tips but not too many (so he says). 😉

Amazingly, the weather here has been either the same or nicer than Ensenada!  Right now, Mike is experiencing a storm with gale force winds – those are not fun – and we have a little sun at 18C.  That just seems wrong somehow… 🙂 Mexico is supposed to be nicer – that is what they advertise anyway…  Oh well.

That is about it for now.  I know we haven’t posted much lately, but we will try to do better! 🙂

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