Still alive and well in case you were wondering…

Mike and I have been REALLY, REALLY bad about posting to the site and keeping everyone updated. I guess it is because we really haven’t been up to much… There was the Baja 500 race a couple of months ago and a mushroom festival that we went to a couple of months ago as well.  Other than that, we haven’t done too much.  I work at the nav station in front of my computer all day and Mike works on the boat.  He has done a really good job at securing things on the boat for when we are out on the water.  We have been trying to take the boat out every three weeks or so to enjoy the fact that we own a sailboat. Last week was one of the best days we have had on the water; the wind was good enough that we made on average about 6 knots.  Unfortunately, we could only stay out for about 3 hours because I had to get back to work… Oh well, haven’t won the lottery so I guess we have to make do with the 3 hours we got.  Oh, and in case you didn’t know, Mike and I have our FM3 Visas so we are allowed to stay in Mexico for a year without having to leave.

This is pretty much the down time in the cruising world because of hurricane season.  It is one of the best times to sail but you might get caught in a hurricane.  The insurance for this season is outrageous – it is basically a catastrophic loss policy. Makes you think doesn’t it? We will be waiting here for the end of October before heading down to Mazatlan where I will catch a flight back to Canada for the regular 6-month check–up.

The weather has finally come around this month! We had to survive major amounts of rain and cold weather before this month!  Everyone who lives here says that the weather this year was the worst they have seen in decades! We spent most the time hibernating on the boat.  It was funny, when the rain would stop, we were all like a bunch of gophers popping our heads up and chatting with the neighbours. As soon as the rain started, down went the heads.

They are working on the breakwater in the marina so everything is pretty filthy.  Mike is busy washing the lines and it takes about 2 washings to get them clean, then he has to do it again a couple of weeks later.  We are washing the boat every week and a half or so because it is do dirty right now.

Oh, and we just had dolphins swim right by the boat this afternoon.  A small group of 5 came into the marina to feed on the fishies and swam right beside the boat for a couple of passes – very cool!  There are also quite a few jellyfish in the area right now.  We have to be careful when we are swimming in the ocean.  I didn’t know this but apparently urine is not a good thing to use on a jellyfish sting, you are supposed to use vinegar.  My question is who carries around vinegar with them all the time?  At least you usually have access to urine… 😉  Although, I guess if you are going to swim with jellyfish, it would be a good idea to bring vinegar with you to the beach…

I will post some pics later, but I wanted to get an update on here.

Love to everyone!

Diana, Mike and Belle

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