Two days of nice weather!

Hi everyone,

We have had two days of nice weather in a row! They advertise nice weather year round for both California and Mexico but both Mike and I can attest that that is definitely not the case! For the most part, the weather in the BC Interior has been nicer than it has been here for most of the summer! Oh well, hopefully we will find hot weather when we head down to Mazatlan in mid-October.  I guess I shouldn’t complain too much though, I am typing this in my swimsuit in our cockpit….

The weather has been so nice that Mike and I cleaned the boat yesterday, the dingy today and our flags (Mexican and Canadian) today.  We do wash and polish the boat on a regular basis but with the work they have doing on the breakwater in the Marina, there hasn’t been much point lately (too much dirt and dust).  It had only been about 3 weeks since we washed the boat but it was filthy!  We hadn’t cleaned the bumpers in a while though, one of them had an entire eco system growing on it – very gross!  We could have had mussels for dinner from what came off the bumper! Ugh! i should have taken a picture before we scraped it off!

I don’t have much to report – just that we will be heading down to Mazatlan in mid-October, depending on the weather of course.  If it looks clear and nice, off we go – if it doesn’t we won’t.  I do have to be in Vancouver on Nov. 8th though so if we don’t get down to MAZ before then, I will either have to fly from TJ to MAZ or cancel the flight and book another from San Diego to Vancouver.  Oh that will be nice – crossing into the States again!  The last time went well but I don’t want to get my hopes up and think they will all be like that from now on!

For everyone who is wondering how Belle is doing living on the boat, she has taken to napping (and playing) on top or the biminy. 🙂 See pictures below.  She still doesn’t like when we are out at sea but she is getting better.  As long as the sails are up and the engine isn’t running, she will relax on the settee.

I also have some pictures of a boat that got too close to the gnarly bits on the edge of the coast.  Rumour has it that he was trying to come into the Marina at 2am and got confused at to where the entrance was.  I can see that happening – it is not that well lit at night and even in the daytime it is hard to tell.  Once you know where it is, it is a breeze though.  Shows you need current charts and a depth sounder.  I felt really bad for the owners though – who wouldn’t??  Made me think that we definitely do not want to enter a Marina at night – even though we have done it a couple of times.

Okay, I might have gotten a little a carried away with the pics of Belle… Here are a couple of the unfortunate boat…

This was the rescue attempt – it went on for a long time but I think one pic of it will do…

I think that is all for now.  I will post more later.

Bye for now!


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