Onward to La Paz

After a couple of days at Muertos bay we headed to the next anchorage at Isla Espiritu Santo called playa Bonanza,( 24 27.195n 110 18.386w). We just stayed overnight then the next morning we headed to the Bahia de La Paz and the next anchorage at Puerto Balandra (24 19.055n 110 20.133w) a very picturesque bay and very popular with the day trip people, we found a spot dropped anchor and went for a swim. That night the wind started to build and continued for two days, we were well anchored well so we waited out wind event, then headed for our first long term anchorage at Bahia Falsa it is near the ferry terminal, hear we will stay for two weeks. We  also now had cell service and after a week of being out of touch, some people had started to worry, people were looking for us! The next morning we took care of it and proved to everyone that we were all well.

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