La Paz

After all our small adventures we made it to the anchorage Pichelinque. We have now been here for about six weeks. COVID-19 Hits


Onward to La Paz

After a couple of days at Muertos bay we headed to the next anchorage at Isla Espiritu Santo called playa Bonanza,( 24 27.195n 110 18.386w). We just stayed overnight then the next morning we headed to the Bahia de La Paz and the next anchorage at Puerto Balandra (24 19.055n 110 20.133w) a very picturesque bay and very popular with the day trip people, we found a spot dropped anchor and went for a swim. That night the wind started to build and continued for two days, we were well anchored well so we waited out wind event, then headed for our first long term anchorage at Bahia Falsa it is near the ferry terminal, hear we will stay for two weeks. We  also now had cell service and after a week of being out of touch, some people had started to worry, people were looking for us! The next morning we took care of it and proved to everyone that we were all well.

Arrival after 48 hrs at sea

Well we made it to the other side, for us this is a nice bay called Ensenada de los Muertos, look it up, I don’t name the bays. We had to lay to for a couple of hours as not to arrive in the dark, we did arrive at almost first light and set to anchoring, cleaning eating a hot meal and a big drink then to bed. The crossing was uneventful some sailing mostly motorsail. Defiant08 did a great job, a few problems, all overcome. We were quite tired after the crossing it took 48hrs with 3 hrs shifts. When we got up and had another meal and we decided to stay for a couple of days, which in the end was the wrong decision, it was nice weather and good swimming in the bay. After 3 days we continued on to our next stop.

23 59.215n

109 49.620w

We finally untied from the dock

A view of stone island. Our first anchorage after leaving Marina Mazatlan. We stayed here for two days to recover from all the work getting ready to put to sea and there are some things that have to be tested at sea. From here we head to the Baja Coast and an anchorage called Bahia muertos

23 11.022n

106 24.504w

Stone island

Winter update

So the 2019 marathon has come and gone and i have been remiss, and since I’ve not bloged for almost a year, and there are now many stories to tell and now sometime to blog about them. These pictures are from Stone island on the southern side of Mazatlan towards the airport (nice beach and so far under developed.) We are afloat and well supplied.
Keep watching here for more updates.

Marathon day in Mazatlan

Big day for the runners of Mazatlan, but it goes past the marina so no busses for a while,but some entertaining joggers. Some miscellaneous pictures for your pleasure.

New dock box

Thanks to Glenn and Val for letting me use the wood shop to build our dock box, it turned out great and is very useful. Thanks again to the Glenn and family for the use of the wood shop

Marina WIFI from the boat

It is a great morning here a little cloudy and 22c. There is a fishing tournament on this weekend and they are on the next dock, early mornings and a big party tonight. The wifi at the marina has now started working at the boat, signal strength looks great, but then again. Some days we can watch Netflix, others I can barely post this post. Work on several projects continue. I have gotten several of the hatches removed and the new ones fitted, it was a great relief to get the old ones removed. Some of the old ones could be removed by hand, the others took some patients and lots of gentle prying, only seven more to go. Electrical work is complicated with big wire and small spaces, but it is starting to look organized and neat, this project is going to be going on for a while. Still waiting for plumbing parts, they will hopefully arrive next week. Diana did laundry on Friday so we had drying hanging everywhere, we must look a sight sometimes, me and my tarps Diana and the laundry.

Summer of smoke

Continue reading Summer of smoke

Work, work, and more work

All is going well, Defiant08 still looks good and hopefully this week we will get the parts that broke during startup of Defiant08. Things need to be used regularly and we have not been regular. Oh well I guess it’s all part of the game.