A few extra pictures

The immediate neighbourhood at dusk

After a hard day of lifting and moving stuff around it is nice to sit back and relax to watch the sun go down. See a pattern, up at dawn and stop at dusk. I work longer hours here than at the lake but it is looking like a mess, just getting started.?

Morning in Mazatlan

Sunrise here is amazing and the, one of the best times of the day. I have started my morning walks again and it is fun before the sun rises, and then hide from it.

There is going to be a lot of work to do on Defiant08, four years is to long be away and not be maintained, plastic does rott away in the sun and heat. 

We are both getting used to the heat and humidity and sleeping better. All else is either unchecked or doing well.

Still Early

Ok so it’s 5:00 am Diana’s still sleeping, I have to get out for a walk. The weather may have changed yesterday as a cool wind blew thru and it is cold this morning, only 20c. Time to look for coffee.

Finally back at Defiant08

After a few years away we are back in Mazatlan on Defiant08, it is great to be back, if not still very hot. It has taken a few days to get acclimatized to the heat and humidity. The marina has made a lot of improvements and all for the good, a shout-out to the Marina Mazatlan and all the great staff, that’s all for now, time to get to work.

A view of the marina

Summer in the Shuswap

Well summer is in full swing, most of Alberta is now here and pickup trucks outnumber people. Work goes well, it is warm in the kitchen when it is 36c outside and no use for air conditioning. The weather has spectacular mostly mid 30s and sunny. I think that RAM pickup trucks are the most popular with FORD a close second and they are everywhere. Diana and I are working hard and looking forward to getting back aboard Defiant08, we will be putting all last winters work to work !

Finnally warming up

first signs of summer





Well winter is now over and we are getting use to the sun again back at the lake. We got back at the beginning May after ten weeks in Montreal and it was cold the entire time, it was great to be with family again, as it has been a long time not seeing them. Mom is doing well, as treatments continue. I have restarted work at SunSet cove for another summer until hopefully October.

Getting used to the snow and cold

snow, snow everywhere

snow, snow everywhere

at first this was fun

at first this was fun

not so much

not so much

@#@# is it cold here

It is very cold here in Montreal, Mexico and its warmth are just a distant memory. All goes well here and I will update soon.

Our Welcome to Montreal

We arrived safely and had a nice day, the next morning or this morning we were welcomed by 60 cm of snow. Luckily we arrived yesterday because today who now where we could have ended up, as there are numerous delays and cancellations at Montreal airport.