Marina WIFI from the boat

It is a great morning here a little cloudy and 22c. There is a fishing tournament on this weekend and they are on the next dock, early mornings and a big party tonight. The wifi at the marina has now started working at the boat, signal strength looks great, but then again. Some days we can watch Netflix, others I can barely post this post. Work on several projects continue. I have gotten several of the hatches removed and the new ones fitted, it was a great relief to get the old ones removed. Some of the old ones could be removed by hand, the others took some patients and lots of gentle prying, only seven more to go. Electrical work is complicated with big wire and small spaces, but it is starting to look organized and neat, this project is going to be going on for a while. Still waiting for plumbing parts, they will hopefully arrive next week. Diana did laundry on Friday so we had drying hanging everywhere, we must look a sight sometimes, me and my tarps Diana and the laundry.

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