The Ensenada 2010 Carnival

The Carnival was here from Feb. 11 to the 16th so we decided to go to the parade on Saturday.  The pics are below.  You can click on each picture to view a larger size if you like.  We didn’t stay for the whole parade because it was supposed to start at 2pm and didn’t get going until 3:15.  We did watch for about an hour though.

We also went to the opening night of the carnival.  It was a very long walk to get there but it was worth it!  We had a lot of fun.  The carnival had 7 stages set up and performers on most of them.  It also had the regular rides that looked like fun.  We didn’t go on any of them though.

For Mike’s birthday, we went into town and found a bar that would put the Nascar race on for us.  We had margarita’s to go with our breaky.  When the race came to a standstill due to the raceway, we walked down to another bar where Lola and Manny joined us.  They wanted to get something to eat so we went back to the first bar and continued to watch the race from there.  We had a very good day!

That’s about it, enjoy the pics!

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