Now in Ventura, CA

As of this afternoon, we are now in Ventura, CA.  Santa Barbara was a very nice place and we really enjoyed it but it was a little too much of a party town at the motel.  (A little like Whistler actually.) We didn’t get much sleep at the motel so we decided to move.  We are hoping this motel in Ventura will be a little quieter.  We are a little farther from the beach – we can still see it but we are now about a block and a half away.  We are located here

I will also have to put on pants for the first time in awhile.  The weather reports are saying we are in for about 5 days of rain.  Oh well, I guess it had to happen sometime. 

Belle is travelling very well.  We have to argue with her to keep in the room now.  I know, you are saying how can you argue with a cat???? Beleive me, with Belle it’s possible.

We have to go and hunt for a place to have a late lunch or early dinner this afternoon/evening.  We have quite a few places to eat around us but they are all fast food restaurants.  McDonalds just doesn’t thrill me that much…  I will post more tomorrow. 🙂

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