Sitting in Phoenix, AZ

Hi everyone,

We are now in a Motel 6 in Phoenix, CA. It was a short drive today from Yuma.  We will be heading back to California tomorrow to stay in Palm Springs for a day or two.  Yuma just wasn’t for us and I don’t think Phoenix is either.  We need the ocean!  We are thinking of heading down into Mexico but haven’t made up our minds yet.  We both just want to find a place that we like to relax for a week or so. 

We were stopped by the border patrol on the drive from Yuma to Phoenix.  They weren’t interested in us though, they stop everyone.  Still kind of cool though. 

Mike and I having been eating alot of Mexican food since we have been on the road.  Gotta love it! Most of it has been excellent.  Although even the okay mexican food has been good!

Our drive tomorrow should be around 4 hours.  Not too bad.  Palm Springs is supposed to be nice, I will let you know what I think. 🙂

That’s all for now.


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