Oceanside in Santa Barbara, CA

We are now in Santa Barbara, CA.  We took the long way via Sunset Blvd. (Historic Route 66 – see picture) and Highway 1 after LA.  We drove right through Malibu! Malibu was very  nice and I think probably an excellent place to live if you could afford a house/condo on the beach.  I will upload my photos tomorrow.  If there are any good ones, that is.  It’s a little difficult to take pictures from the car. 

Our motel is a block from the ocean and we can see it from the balcony! So far it’s very nice.  The pool is a little smaller than it looked on the Motel 6 website.  Must have been a man who took the picture. 😉

Palm Springs was really nice but not close enough to the ocean.  Now we are at the ocean! The ocean breeze and salt air – ahhhhhhhhh!

It’s time to take a walk on the beach so I will post more later. It’s currently 31°C, are you jealous yet?? 🙂

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