After two weeks of rain and wind

Since our last blog update we have had two weeks of (epic) rainfall and wind storms. For Ensenada we have now had the years worth of rain, about five inches. The first two days and nights of rain managed to cut us off from the hotel, we call the flood lake Coral, the parking lot and the sidewalks were completely under water, it was quite a scene. we stayed mostly dry and warm, fixing those leaks in Ventura really paid off. Today Jan 27 it is starting to get warm sunny again.

On Monday me Manny and Lola went to San Diego to get parts and food, I had no problems at the border. For those of you thinking to come and visit it may be easier than going to Ventura. It should work like this; Make reservation at the marina Coral hotel, we have a discount card so let us know, fly to San Diego and let the hotel shuttle pick you up and drive you to the hotel in Ensenada where we will be waiting. There may be a possibility that we will be able to meet you at the airport if the hotel lets us be on the shuttle when they pickyou up?

Life is getting settled here as we become more aquinted with the town and explore more of it, outside gringo gulch, this is where all the cruise ship passengers go when ashore, and is nothing but a tourist trap. In the last week we have found Walmart, Home depot, Costco and the 7/11, we still have to go to San Diego for West marine and other boat parts, as parts are limited here.

By the way San Diego is about 90 minutes from Ensenada and a very nice drive along the Baja coast.

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