Back in Mazatlan

We are back in Mazatlan after a couple months at the La Cruz Marina and two weeks out at the La Cruz Anchorage.We took a slow trip back to Mazatlan with over night stops at anchor at Guayabitos, Isla Isabellla and Stone Island. When we got to Mazatlan Diana made her regular trip back to Vancouver,at this time we both updated our passports and had the bottom painted on the boat, it took longer and cost more than expected. So after three weeks here it is time to move on to La Paz, we were supposed to be in La Paz before the start of June for Hurricane season, and insurance, we will be a little late.
Defiant has preformed flawlessly during our current travels. The solar panels installed in Ensenada have really started to pay off, we have not had to plug into shore power since leaving La Cruz marina and we are able to run the fridge,24/7, the computer all day for Diana and movies at night. It is now a challange to see how long we can go without plugging in.
It was fun to have Brad and Jan come to visit us at La Cruz, I hope they enjoyed their trip to Mexico.

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