Currently in San Diego

We made it to San Diego on Boxing Day.  We spent Christmas Day in Avalon on Catalina Island.  It was warm enough for shorts!  We spent yesterday relaxing trying to recover from the early mornings (extremely early in my opinion) and the long days.  Today Mike and I went in different directions, him to Shelter Island to get parts for the engine (a new filter which caused our problems on the way out of Ventura) and also to Vons to get phone minutes and groceries.  Me to downtown San Diego to get a new headset for the computer and a web cam.  The old headset microphone broke somtime during our voyage to Avalon. 

We are looking forward to our next leg of the journey to Ensenada, MX.  It should be a shorter journey than it took to get down here!  We haven’t charted it out yet, but will be doing so shortly.  I think the marina we will stay at is the Hotel Coral and Marina.  The other boat we were kind of travelling with is now in Oceanside, CA.  I say kind of because they made it to Catalina Island without any problems and so they waited a day for us and then as we were leaving Catalina Island, they had engine problems and had to turn back.  We were already about 2 hours away and did not want to turn back so we stayed the course.  They ended up leaving Catalina today and went to Oceanside instead of coming all the way here so Manny could go to get parts for their engine.  They will hopefully be meeting us here tomorrow. 

We had to get a health certificate for Belle to enter Mexico and it is only good until Thursday so we have to be in Mexico by then.  We should be though, so hopefully it won’t be a problem – everyone knock on wood for us that we will be in Mexico by Thursday!! 🙂

Sorry for not posting earlier, Mike and I were quite tired!  We are not quite in as good a shape as we thought… Not that I thought I was in any kind of shape at all actually but 2:30 am 4 days in a row is a bit of bitch! Okay, we did sleep in a bit on one of the days but overall, 2:30 comes early! 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

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