Life on Defiant

Hi everyone

We made it to the boat after some delays, everything was as we left it, well not as clean as we left it. It took a couple of days to recover from the trip here, I guess jet-lag but from driving. We have not been sailing yet as there is still a lot of work to go, we will hopefully go out next week.

 As some of you know we are planning to spend Christmas in Ensenada Mexico, it should be a great trip. It should take about three or four days to get there and possibility of a couple days at Catalina island on the way, we will see. We will be traveling with Manny and Lola and their boat Desire. They have been great to us as they watched Defiant while we were away and did a great job.  It has been surprising the number of boats leaving for Mexico, we went to a going away party last night for two more couples that left today(Sunday Nov 8), everyone on the docks is envious. The weather has been great since we got here, but the days are short.

I am posting some pictures to show our tans a the beginning of the season and for my mum so you can see my new haircut. This is the first time I cut my hair myself with help from Diana, shorter the better, no maintenance.

So long for now we will try and keep you updated.


Mikes new haircut

Mikes new haircut

Mike please don't take my picture

Mike please don't take my picture

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