Made it to Cabo

We made it to Cabo on Saturday, sometime in the late morning, early afternoon. The first stop was the marina office and then the showers.  Mike and I were both extremely tired from the 7 days straight but managed to go out for something to eat.  After getting back to the boat, we almost immediately went to bed and slept until about 3:30 in the morning.  I woke up thinking I was late for my shift and ran into the galley before realizing that we were tied up at the dock.  This happened the next night too…

The trip down was very exciting for the most part.  We had a little of everything, NO wind, light wind, heavy wind and then even heavier wind.  We also had some pretty big swells to deal with for most of the trip – well maybe only 4 days but it sure seemed like it was the whole trip. We sustained a few bruises as well but nothing major.  I won’t go into how I was banged in the side of the head with the boom, I will just say it hurt and leave you guessing…

The morning we had no wind was actually quite pleasant.  I was able to have a shower of sorts, Mike was able to refuel without having to hold on to everything and making something to eat was actually easy.

Mike and I started out doing 4-hour shifts – this lasted a couple of days – and then we changed to 3-hour shifts.  By the last day we were doing 2-hour shifts.  Don’t really recommend 2-hour shifts but we were both so tired that it was the best we could do.

We did see quite a few dolphins, a few seals – they like to lay by the kelp beds and they appear to wave at you as you go by. We spotted a couple of sharks but the most exciting sightings were the humpback whales! We got an excellent look at one while it dove under the water bringing its tail flukes completely out of the water. Very cool!

It started warming up past Turtle Bay and got really nice and hot after Mag Bay.  We finally found the warmth – YAY! It is currently 30C out and I am sitting in front of my computer in my swimsuit.  I could definitely get used to this! It is about 31C in Mazatlan so that should be good too!

We will be heading to Mazatlan on Thursday at around 2am.  Not thrilled about leaving at that time but it is about a 36 hour trip so we want to get there Friday afternoon.  Everyone knock on wood for me now because I don’t want to jinx the trip.

We did have a log of the trip going but Mike spilled coffee all over it during one of the rougher mornings so I can’t really read it…

For those of you wondering about internet access, there wasn’t any… Mike and I came inland twice to see if we could connect and no luck.  Once at San Quitan and then again at Turtle Bay.  No connection with the 3G TelCel and our ampliphier.  We did connect using TelCel about an hour outside of Cabo and Mike even did a Skype call with his brother.  Now unfortunately, TelCel keeps dropping but the WiFi here is excellent.

That is all I can think of for now.  I am sure more will come to me later and I will be sure to post more details.


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