Our trip to Ensenada, MX – first stop Avalon

Or so we thought…  We started our trip by getting up at 3:30AM!! I think that 3:30 AM is an unreasonable time to get up but that is what we did. We wanted to get to Avalon in daylight so I guess we had to but GEEZ!!!

After going through some fairly rough seas (lots of big swells), we finally made it to some calmer seas and then here’s what happened…

We experienced engine problems.  The engine would die down and then rev all by its self.  It also stalled a couple of times.  We decided to turn back to Port Hueneme because we did not want to have the engine die in the middle of the ocean.  We are now sitting at Anchors Way Marine Services waiting for a mechanic.  So basically, we got up at 3:30 in the morning to get all the way to Port Hueneme! We are just across from the second marina we have stayed at, Vintage Marina. 

If it is not a big problem, we will head to Avalon tomorrow.  If it is a big problem, we will head back to Ventura…

That’s about all I have to say right now.  🙁

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