Summer in Mexico

Hi everyone, I hope your summer is going well ?

Well since about January it has been getting hotter, when we were on the mainland at Mazatlan, it really started to get hot. When we sailed to La Paz which was supposed to be hotter, we found a big difference but not just more heat. In Mazatlan(we left La Cruz before the real heat started)it was 26c overnight to 32c, not much difference overnight, and the heat started at 0800 in the morning and did not end until sundown, In La Paz the temp starts at about 18c overnight and during the day it climbs to a high of about 35c around 5:00 in the afternoon, it is warm either way. We are going thru this summer no air conditioning, but a lot of people have AC on their boats.

We sailed here two weeks ago from Mazatlan because of insurance(we have to be above Lat 24 for hurricane season)it is a nice place smaller than either Mazatlan or Peurto Vallarta. Presently we are renewing our FM3 Immigration Visas, they should be ready next week and then we are off to explore The Sea Of Cortez.

We will post pictures and more updates soon

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