Winter in Mazatlan

Happy New Year all !!!

Well it is winter in Mazatlan, which for a northerner is a contradiction in terms but, after a day at 25c the nights cool-down to a chilly 11c which for us now is cold(please don’t hate us that much). The tourists are starting to arrive in droves which makes for a busy Mazatlan but, as for the marina most of the boats have headed for warmer waters we will be some of the last to leave.

Update we will be heading to La Crux  in Banderas Bay at the end of the month(Jan). This is a town just north of Peurto Vallartia

Diana and Belle are well and for the most part enjoying Mazatlan. I think our cat is going crazy, after years of being afraid of everything she has now decided to go explore what ever she can, including other boats, we now have to lock her in when we are away from the boat and at night, our neighbor is not amused. I think it is another cat that walks allover his boat at  night leaving cat prints on his very clean boat, but our cat is fast and sometimes does escape to the dock.

Still no snow here and during the day it is really nice.

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