Alive and Well

Hi all,

I know we haven’t posted anything in a while, but we’ve just been busy sight-seeing around the San Diego area.  It is a neat city, but it does have a slight pollution problem.   And I know you will expect pictures of our sight-seeing but as usual, we were a little lax in that area… I do have a couple photos of possums though if you are interested.

In our adventures, we have gotten lost in Chula Vista 5 minutes from downtown San Diego, and quite frankly, in the neighbourhood we got lost in, I was not going to get out of the car for anything and neither was Mike!!!  We have also toured Coronda and Imperial Beach.  According to a show we watched last night, Imperial Beach is the most polluted beach on the west coast.  It has warning signs about entering the water – mostly not to do it.

We have also seen quite a few of the worlds largest warships, the Midway,  and a lot of other ones – “they are huge”.  The San Diego Amphibious Marine Deployment Training Center is here and it really is quite spectacular.  Not that we have done a tour  of it, that is just our opinion of it from the outside. 🙂

One night we went for dinner in Gaslamp District in downtown San Diego, (which happens to be a block away from PETCO stadium –  where the Padres play – Mike made me mention that).  It was very much like Gastown in Vancouver but with a much safer feeling and a lot more restaurants.  The restaurants also had hostesses outside trying to enitice you in.  

Motel6 continues to be good for us as they are totally pet-friendly and so far, all staff have been great.  They continue to be the place we will look for when we travel with a cat.  (Can we say – plug???)

I will post what pictures we have later.  I’m not sure when but we will! 🙂

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