Now The Panic Starts

So we finally did it, we bought a sailboat a Catalina C42.  It is a 1993 and in very good condition.  It is currently berthed at Harbor Island West Marina in San Diego.

You ask your self, what will they do next?

And that is a very good question, we have a few answers.

Let me say we had a great vacation and saw lots of different places. Palm Springs, Santa Barbara and San Diego were among the tops for us and we would return to any of those cities. Special thanks to Motel6, traveling with a cat is not easy but Motel6 makes it easy, they are 100% pet friendly, and they are everywhere, and cheap, but not scary cheap just a good clean room at a reasonable price.

But now we need to get back to San Diego and get our boat.

The plan as it stands now is to go back to San Diego, we get a couple weeks slip space for free, live on the boat and sail it around San Diego to get a feel for the boat.  We have to sail the boat to Oxnard, A city north of Malibu, for the first of January where we are renting a slip by the month. We will  continue live on the boat until we have to return mid January, we are also on a waiting list at a marina in Ventura, still further north, at this slip we will be able obtain longerterm rental agreements and the possiblity of live aboard moorage.

These are our plans at this time. Presently we are in Vancouver and will be heading to Sarah’s for a couple days before taking the bus/fly back to San Diego.

I will try and blog a bit more often in the future but,



We will be doing a lot of sailing in the waters of Southern California,
this is where we will learn to sail.

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