Waiting in the cold

Now that we are boat owners we are in Sorrento and the temp is -20 and snowy, and we are 2000 miles from our boat and the warmth of southern California. This will be rectified soon, we are heading back to San Diego Thursday night, first by bus to Vancouver and then we will fly to San Diego. Hopefully Friday afternoon we will be on the Sailboat and be starting to though out.

While here at Sarah’s we have taken care of all the details of sailboat ownership and there are a lot. The last detail and most important was insurance, the sailboat is now insured.
Insurance is quite difficult obtain and the price varies quite a bit. So we are allowed to sail mostly in southern California and northern Mexico without a paid crew, anywhere else and we will not be insured. This range hopefully will be increased as we gain experience with the sailboat. The only problem we ran into was experience, it was very good luck that we took our sailing courses a few years ago, this allowed use to sail without a paid skipper, but we still need more experience.

Keep your fingers crossed as this weekend will be the first we take the sailboat out by ourselves into some big water.

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