Life at Sea

We’ve taken the boat out twice now, once by ourselves and once with an instructor.  The once by ourselves was enough to prove that we needed instruction!  Docking was the major problem for us, the sailing was fine.  Sailing was easy, docking proved to be an issue (at least for me.) Lucky me, I got to be the first one to put bump bruises on the boat! After today though it shouldn’t be as big a problem.  I’m not going to say I won’t be bumping the boat, but now I have the knowledge that I shouldn’t be doing it as often.  A 42 foot sailboat is definitely different than a 22 foot bayliner!

We are doing well livinng in the marina, although they do not have a laundry.  We definitely have to wash clothes soon as most of them are getting ready to walk away by themselves! We are getting the boat repainted (as per a recommendation during the survey) below the water line on the 29th so hopefully we will find a coin laundry then to do some wash.  On a side note, while it’s been over a week now that we have been living on the boat and you may not believe it, the bed is super comfortable – one of the most comfortable that Mike or I have ever sleft on!

We did find a great skipper, a bulgarian who has been sailing since he was 9 years old.  His name is Assen Alexandrov and he can be emailed @ or visit his website @  He was a very nice guy and extremely knowlegable.  I would highly recommend him to anyone!

We apologize for not posting anything sooner, but really, outfitting a boat for sailing is exhausting – especially without wheels!  We have been taking transit, walking and then, when we are over- loaded taking a cab! I am a little embarrassed by this too – we have pretty much been in bed by/around 8:oo.  Parents – if you want your kids in bed early, get them sailing – that will do it! (I guess we could just be old as well, although I would prefer to think of it as just being tuckered out rather than being old…:(  ) We now follow the sun, when it goes down, so do we.  (I’m not going to lie, Mike is probably up with the sun, but I am DEFINITELY NOT!)  Still no snow for us though! Did I mention what the weather was like today – SUNNY ALL DAY LONG – and about 15 Celsius.  🙂 

Mike took a pic of me working away and it is posted below.  (Alright, not a great photo, but we will have better ones!) We will also be taking pics of us in our new wet weather gear but we haven’t done that yet.  We have full rain gear now and the boat is fully safety equipped.)



That’s about it for now.  It is about 6:45 pm and that is getting close to bed time after all (and Mike is already snoring!!!! 🙂

love to everyone!

PS. Colleen – I’ve got a lovely bunch of cocunuts!

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