Arrived in Yreka, CA

We are now in Yreka, CA.  The motel was very easy to find – right off the I-5.   Would you believe there are 2 mexican restaurants here!  We chose the Puerto Vallarta and it was GREAT!! Great food, great atmosphere and it was Sunday so a free shot of Tequila!  All good!

I’m not sure yet where we are headed tomorrow, but I will keep you posted.  We might decide to head for the coast instead of sticking to the I-5 down to Riverside (just outside of San Diego). 

Belle is turning into quite the traveller.  I am quite sure the summer at Mom’s was very good her.  I actually had to fight with her about going outside here in the motel in Yreka! (She won the fight…)

The drive through Oregon today was basically uneventful.  I am a little horrified over the number of dead deer we came across on the highway though.  We also had to stop when we entered California, basically the same check as crossing the Canada/US border.  Very interesting!

I am a little tired tonight (I know, it’s only 5pm) but what can I say, I’m with the early bird crew now. 😉

Hi and love to everyone.

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