Back in the Sun

Well here we are again in Southern California after two weeks in Sorrento at Sarah’s house. Let me tell you it was cold and almost no sun the entire time. This time we drove back to Oxnard another three days in the car. We brought the cat with us this time and she seems ok in the boat, hopefully no swimming for her, everything was ok onboard after our little trip.

Our next big move comes soon, sometime in the next week, we will be relocating to Ventura West Marina in Ventura County; it is a liveabord facility, so no more problems with staying on the boat for extended periods of time.

We had dinner with Pete, Maureen, Grant and Sandra while in Vancouver it was a great time and all too short. Thank you to Pete who has now supplied us with cold weather survival suites, in case of catastrophe we can now survive overboard in cold Pacific Ocean. Thanks again!

Well time is short, the farmers market is about to start and we need to stock up on fresh Southern California fruits and veggies for the week, believe it or not it is the first of February and the fruits and veggies are fresh and cheap.

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