We made it to Oxnard!

We are now in Oxnard, CA.  We pulled in yesterday evening at around 7 pm.  Sorry for not posting earlier, but we were so tired that as soon as pulled into the slip, we went for dinner and then went directly to bed!

We now have night sailing under our belts and also sailing in 3 foot swells.  I think they were around 3 ft, although some of them sure seemed alot higher than that… 🙂  Very exciting! There were also several hours at sea with nothing in sight but rolling seas!

On the way to Catalina Island, we saw a ton of seals and most exciting of all, dolphins by the dozens! A few of the dolphins even swam right beside the boat! I have never seen anything like it and it was so very cool! The last pod of dolphins even had calves among them! The calves were at the back of the pod but had no problems keeping up with the adults and jumping and clearing the water.  We were also listening to the radio and there were whales in San Diego bay and people were getting into trouble by getting closer than 100 yards to them and breaking the mammal protection act – we were long gone by then so we didn’t see them but we sure heard about them! A few dolphins decided to swim almost within touching distance from our boat so I’m sure we also broke the mammal protection act but it wasn’t our fault, the dolphins chose to get close to us, we didn’t try to get close to them!    

By the way, for those of you who don’t know, our new name for our boat is Defiant.

We also saw a whale from a distance yesterday.  We didn’t see the actual whale, but we did see something with a fin that was blowing water straight up with a small fin.  I think it was a grey whale but we were too far away to be sure.

Channel Islands Harbor was very difficult to find at night, but Mike did a great job (even with me getting testier by the minute) of finding the right opening for the channel and we are now tied up enjoying cocktails on the boat.  It’s a good thing we made it yesterday because the wind has picked up so much that there is a small craft advisory and I’m pretty sure a 42 ft. sailboat classifies as a small craft!

A few pictures for you of our voyage – sorry not very many, but we aren’t that great at pulling out the camera! (Also no pics of the dolphins – they are very quick!)



Cruise ship at night – I think it’s a Carnival…


Seals in San Diego – sorry for the blurriness – hard to take a picture when you are rocking with the waves!


Catalina Island – just a few shots of it




That’s it for now – I’m sure I will have more later!

Love to all,

Diana and Mike

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