La Cruz

It is Monday morning at the marina Riviera Nayarit in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, MX I,m sitting by the ocean waiting for the sun to come up, Diana is still sleeping, this is part of my getting up far to early. The weather is nice this time of day, before it gets hot. This marina a is very popular with tourists and we feel a bit on display, oh well it is a small hard ship to put up with for this paradise.(pictures to follow). The sail here was good we are getting better at sailing and doing longer stretches of pure sailing mostly late afternoon until morning, during the day its mostly motorsail. It took two days to get here as e sailed outside the islands. It is a little rougher water but better wind. We left 08:30am and arrived 51hrs later to better weather nicer town but much busier marina.

This is as far south as we will go this season, our next stop now on the agenda is at La Paz for the summer (hurricane season). We hope to explore the sea of Cortez before heading farther south next cruising season

Our sailboat worked flawlessly on this passage, the work done at Mazatlan has paid off so far, but more to be done, more on repairs/upgrades later, we saw the usual dolphins, whale blows and some distant sightings and lots of birds. The new fish we saw was a Marlin it jumped three times beside the boat on its way by, afterwords  Diana and I were talking about it and decided it was a good thing we were not fishing because with my luck I would have caught it and then what do you do with a 8 to 10 foot , very heavy Marlin onboard a sailboat that does not want to be there? So on it swan and we enjoyed

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