Tsunami Report from La Cruz, in Banderas Bay, Update

The Tsunami surge just finished in the Bay about 2:40 pm , we are all alright. It had a wave size of about 3ft, there was no damage at the La Cruz marina.

So we thought.

The Tsunami serious surge lasted until 6:00pm somewhere around 5:30 the dock (dock 11) at the harbor entrance was washed away, the dock workers had quite a job trying to contain all the debris so it did not exit the harbor on the next out flow. The surges continued for another couple of hours, and the harbor at La Cruz was closed for the night,  all the boats that went to sea for the event had to wait until morning to return to the harbor.

We stayed at our slip and  had no problems on Defiant, we are all well.

2 comments to Tsunami Report from La Cruz, in Banderas Bay, Update

  • Aunt Edith & Howard

    Glad to see that you guys are safely past the worst as we WERE concerned whether or not you were in harm’s way. We are on the last legs of our month stay in Phoenix, Arizona (staying at Bob’s house) so I am not sure about the address I typed above. We need Diana to give us some lessons on all this technology stuff but continue to love reading your site. As we hear of animals leaving an earthquake zone before it happens, we hope your kitty cat made it through unscathed as well. Love and Hugs Keep well.

  • Sarah

    I just read your blog and I am glad all is well, there was more damage later in the day then we thought too, Cresent City got banged up pretty bad later on. Thanks for posting the picture, what a beautiful spot to spend the winter. Sarah.

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