Lots of RAIN and traffic, but we’re in the states!

Hi everyone,

We are now in Portland, Oregon.  We are staying in the Super 8 just off the airport in Portland.  Besides a numb butt, everything is good and we are now relaxing in the room.  The traffic was quite heavy and so was the rain!  It is also quite cold.  (I might be a wuss, but it’s still cold!) We are both wondering when we will reach nicer weather. 

Tomorrow we are off to Yreka, California.  I think those are banjos I hear in the distance. 😉 (I sure hope not.) 

Belle seemed to enjoy our stay in the Langley/Aldergrove Super 8.  Read my review here.  Right now she is under the bed, although she has used the litter box and has eaten something.  I’m hoping it won’t be a struggle to get her into her carrying case tomorrow…

I had more to say before I starting writing but now it has flown right out of my head.  I will post more tomorrow.  I hope everyone is well!  Feel free to post a comment if you feel like it!

That’s all for now.


1 comment to Lots of RAIN and traffic, but we’re in the states!

  • Colleen

    Glad to know pysco cat is doing O.K. Hope you guys can find good eats. Yreka looks interesting – find out how name came about and post? Was it short for Eureka? Drive safe all, all well here.

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