Saturday run around

Weekly update from a, rapidly cooling, Sinaloa city.

Saturday was a run around day, we started with a walk, Diana is starting a exercise routine, which involves getting up early and getting some kind of exercise. Then off to a boat part swap meet by the marina Mazatlan office. We finished off the morning by going to visit the fresh fruit and veggie truck, the veggies and fruit are very fresh, then it was siesta time until our trip to town to recover Diana’s shorts which were being repaired at a shop it the golden zone.

After retrieving the shorts, which were being repaired after some one at the laundry pulled a thread that held the waist to the rest of the shorts, 40 pesos later and everyone happy happy happy, We decided to stop for a beer and a really good guacamole and chips at The Saloon a Canadian bar watching Shaw cable, town was busy and it was enjoyable to sit , drink, eat and watch the world go by. As we rode home on the bus we were suddenly told to get off the bus, it was turning around, that’s when we saw all the police cars. The police cars were blocking the road that leads to the marina, so we tried to continue by walking, that only lasted a couple more blocks and then the road was blocked, so we waited with the growing crowd of people needing to move on down the road. The gun fire started a little bit later, it was harder to hear as we were still a distance away.Then the army with the pickup truck mounted guns arrived and then we could hear the very loud shots not machine gun but very quick single shot , someone said 50cal. After several bursts of gun fire over an hour it settled down to a waiting game. With the road still blocked we headed for the beach and followed it to the next big resort where we snuck in under a fence, and made our way back to the road and finished our journey. The drinks tasted good after that. Later people told us shots could be heard at the marina.

This is a little different for me because I am always saying how safe we feel here, and in general we do feel safe, and this being our most serious incident to date maybe I will start paying more attention to what is going on, this was an eye opener. Later we heard it was drug dealers, and we did not hear of anyone dying.

That put an end to our day.

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