The view from the other side

Mike and I had budgeted for our steel and canvas work (neither of which is done yet) and then the first kick came – our fridge just up and quit on us.  Right after a very big shop too – chicken, steak, pork, etc. and nothing working to put it in.  Luckily there is a refridgeration expert here in Mazatlan and he came right away.  After the consultation, it cost us $XXXX.xx for a new unit… That one definitely hurt but the new fridge does work great – it should though, shouldn’t it? We did lose all of the meat we bought though.  The next kick was the diver who cleans the bottom of our boat said he could see the gel coat… Definitely not happy about that but now we are going into the yard on December 9th for a bottom paint.  That one is going to cost about $XXXX.xx  We definitely didn’t budget for that – but we have to do it.

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