Made it to Cabo

We made it to Cabo on Saturday, sometime in the late morning, early afternoon. The first stop was the marina office and then the showers. Mike and I were both extremely tired from the 7 days straight but managed to go out for something to eat. After getting back to the boat, we almost immediately […]

We are outta here!

We are leaving Ensenada in about an hour for Mazatlan. It will likely be a non-stop trip, unless we decide to stop in Cabo. I have heard it is extremely expensive in Cabo, however if we are tired we will need to stop. Mike and I plan on doing 3 hour shifts at the wheel […]

Two days of nice weather!

Hi everyone,

We have had two days of nice weather in a row! They advertise nice weather year round for both California and Mexico but both Mike and I can attest that that is definitely not the case! For the most part, the weather in the BC Interior has been nicer than it has been […]

Still alive and well in case you were wondering…

Mike and I have been REALLY, REALLY bad about posting to the site and keeping everyone updated. I guess it is because we really haven’t been up to much… There was the Baja 500 race a couple of months ago and a mushroom festival that we went to a couple of months ago as well. […]

News, races and other stuff

Mike has now been on his own in the boat since April 14th. My doctors appointment went very well and I am just waiting for the next one on Monday before heading back to Mike.

There was the Newport to Ensenada race last weekend that I missed but it sounded very exciting. Mike will post […]

The Ensenada 2010 Carnival

The Carnival was here from Feb. 11 to the 16th so we decided to go to the parade on Saturday. The pics are below. You can click on each picture to view a larger size if you like. We didn’t stay for the whole parade because it was supposed to start at 2pm and didn’t […]


We got here at 4:45pm – it took 12 hours. (Why does everything take a minimum of 12 hours?????) Very scenic cruise though and lots of porpoises!

We are at the Marina Coral. The place is gorgeous! We can use the facilities at the hotel – pool and hot tub! Here is the link […]

Currently in San Diego

We made it to San Diego on Boxing Day. We spent Christmas Day in Avalon on Catalina Island. It was warm enough for shorts! We spent yesterday relaxing trying to recover from the early mornings (extremely early in my opinion) and the long days. Today Mike and I went in different directions, him to Shelter […]

We are now on Catalina Island

The work on the boat was a smallish problem so we headed out to Avalon at 4:30 this morning. It was a filter problem in the engine. We made it to Isthmus Cove which is about 11.9 nautical miles from Avalon. We are debating whether to head to Avalon tomorrow or Dana Point or San […]

Our trip to Ensenada, MX – first stop Avalon

Or so we thought… We started our trip by getting up at 3:30AM!! I think that 3:30 AM is an unreasonable time to get up but that is what we did. We wanted to get to Avalon in daylight so I guess we had to but GEEZ!!!

After going through some fairly rough seas (lots […]